13. May, 2022

Welcome to Our Blog - Mana Matters

Welcome to our newly revamped and updated website, along with a lovely new space for our

"Mana Matters Blog."

When we first started the Lifeforce Hypnotherapy and Counselling practice way back in late 2012 it was a difficult time, both James and I, with separate issues, had been very ill with lengthy and life altering recovery periods required, read 2 years +.

During that time, I stepped down from my role as a Training Manager with a large RTO and decided to go back to the drawing table while I worked on becoming well again. James, at the time, endured no less than 19 rounds of invasive neurosurgery with a very uncertain future.

James also had to relinquish his hard worked for role as an Alliance Engineering Manager for a very well known global company.

These turn of events happening simultaneously rocked us to the core, as it would any couple.

Surprisingly, we could not find a good therapist between us and believe me, we tried quite a few.

Some were very formal and cold, some were what I now recognise to be completely burnt out and some where interested only in the 'sausage factory' mentality of next, next, next. In defence of this statement and as a very busy therapist myself now, I understand that for many practitioners working for large corporations, appointments are booked back to back, with no time for making notes, running to the amenities or even grabbing a quick bite between clients. Self care is usually low on the agenda of busy psychotherapists and counsellors. That's an honest admission.

Given that we searched for someone who may be able to understand what was happening and show empathy and understanding without success, my business brain (although compromised and at that point slightly damaged) identified a gap in the market. I started to think about what I needed in a therapist, and what would have eased my stress and anxiety around losing most things I valued. I came to realise it was someone who had a lot of life and experience under their belt. I needed someone who had truly lived a rich life. Rich in the mosaic of life, not in the monetary sense.

After some careful consideration and a reasonable amount of soul searching (not too much though, as I am an Aries through and through) I decided to retrain as a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist. If I couldn't find someone that fitted my checklist, I'd attempt to meet that list myself.

So started my journey to become a therapist. During the time I was studying, I had to call on reserves that I didn't know I had. There were times when James and I were both so unwell and worn out from almost 1 year in total in a hospital that I almost threw in the towel. But there was something deep inside that didn't let me do that.

At the time I wasn't sure what to call it. It was some type of resilience or stubbornness, call it what you like, but I came to realise it was my Life Force, or my Mana.

When the time came for us to pick a business name, after formal qualifications were completed, I questioned what would be appropriate, and what would convey the essence of what a client needs to find or tap into to help themselves? What was it?

After thinking about this for a week or so, I started researching more about energy, universal energy, collective consciousness, universal wisdom, Kundalini, Mana and Lifeforce and well, there you have it.

The story of how Lifeforce Hypnotherapy and Counselling came to fruition. In order not to bore you to death, I've left out lots of important and not so cool details around those 2 years.

Long gone, but a constant reminder that everyone can have a period where they fall and everyone can also make a bloody good comeback too.

We hope our own life experiences with extreme adversity and loss have made us empathetic and understanding with our clients.

People can only ever meet you from their own level of experience.

Welcome to Mana Matters - a place where we will share some of what we know.

Vicki and James