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Lifeforce Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Program

What does the Program Include?

Our Stop Smoking Program is customised to your requirements.

It is suitable for anyone who genuinely wants to Quit Smoking for good.

We have a fantastic success rate, provided you follow our Program.

If you have any questions about your specific situation, please do not hesitate to call or contact us.  

Details of the Program are listed below. 

Feel the Freedom of becoming a clean air breather - a Non Smoker.

3 Sessions of Stop Smoking Hypnosis 

1 x Initial 90 minute Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Session.

2 x Follow Up 60 minute Stop Smoking Sessions.

Comprehensive 20 Page Workbook

Our Comprehensive Program Workbook, helping you strengthen your resolve to remain a Non Smoker for the remainder of your life.

Replacement Oral Fixation Tool 

Our special mystery gift to help you on your way.  This tool is an oral fixation replacement tool.

MP3 Delivered to your device of choice

Our effective and direct Stop Smoking MP3 delivered to your device.

Lifeforce Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Program

More about our Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Program

Our Stop Smoking Program is customised to your requirements.

One of the first things we have you do is complete an Online Registration detailing your smoking history, in order for us to understand where you may have unique challenges in this program.

Everyone is different and with that we cater to your own circumstances.  We do not apply a blanket type fix. 

Here's what the program entails.

* 1 x 90 Minute Initial Hypnosis Session.
* 2 x Follow up 60 Minute Hypnosis Sessions.

These sessions can be each day, each week, or each fortnight, again this depends on your requirements.  We have found that a large majority of of Stop Smoking clients do very well with the sessions done each day, for 3 consecutive days.

* Lifeforce Hypnotherapy customised Quit Smoking 20 page Comprehensive Workbook.  Part of our success is having you complete the tasks in this book.  This solidifies the work we do in the sessions and reminds you of all of the incredible benefits you will receive when you can proudly state - I'm a non smoker!

* Oral Fixation Distraction/Diversion Tool.  Part of the process of quitting smoking is giving your hands, lips and mind something else to focus on.   We provide a unique and fun replacement strategy.

* MP3 delivered to your device of choice.

Program Requirements and WHY it works:

You must agree to listen to our MP3 daily for a period of 30 days.

Failure to do so will make your journey to being a non-smoker much more difficult and decrease your ability to successfully quit.

You must agree to take some harmless vitamins and supplements for 72 hours from the initial appointment.

You must agree to adequately hydrate, this is very important in the first week of your journey to being a non smoker.

You must agree to eat 3 small meals a day while you are taking our program.

You must agree to use our diversion/distraction tool.

You must agree to clear out all secret staches and emergency cigarettes.  It's pointless coming to a stop smoking session with cigarettes in your glove box, handbag or pockets.  

We request you do not come to the appointment with cigarettes in your pocket, wallet, purse or car, this indicates you are not ready to quit.

Our customised Stop Smoking Program has a 95% success rate, provided YOU are genuine and ready to Quit.

This means you are ready to completely give up, to change a habit which is unproductive and costly.

Some of the many benefits to your body when you quit smoking

It's startling to realise that your body can start to heal from quitting in just 8 hours. 

In 8 hours your body start to remove excess carbon monoxide out of the bloodstream

After 5 days most residual nicotine has now left the body.

After 7 days you can smell and taste all things as they are meant to be.  

After 1 month you will see a noticeable change in your skin and you may find people complimenting your complexion once again.

After 3 months your lung function will be returning. 

There are so many reasons to Quit.  Is it time for you make the decision to Quit?

We help you all the way

At Lifeforce Hypnotherapy we support you all the way in your journey to becoming a Non Smoker.  A clean air breather. 

We have created our wonderful Quit Smoking Workbook as an additional resource to help you on your journey. 

Inside you will find

* Ways to beat the craving
* Ways to distract yourself
* Overcome the emotional need for nicotine
* Increase your commitment to this change
* Daily ways to remain a Non Smoker

 It's also good to know that Quitting improves

* Sexual Health
* Erectile Dysfunction
*  Muscle definiton & strength
* Immune system response

Who doesn't want all of these benefits?  Quit Today.

Quit Smoking and Take a Holiday!

Here's a fairly typical graph of how much money you can save after 1 month, after 1 year and over 10 years. 

Imagine what you can do with that money?  Certainly, you can have a much better lifestyle.

You can purchase our Stop Smoking Hypnotic Recording for home use.

You can purchase our Stop Smoking Hypnotic Recording for home use.

Stop Smoking Guided Hypnosis to Purchase

Stop Smoking Guided Hypnosis with Vicki Childs.

This is our 30-day Habit Breaker Stop Smoking MP3, it is best used in conjunction with face to face sessions and is intended as a reinforcement tool, however, it can be used as a stand alone tool.

If you're unsure that Hypnosis would work for  you, this is a great way to see if you respond well.

You'll get your best results by simply popping in earphones and listening while going off to sleep.

Try our Intro Recorded Session for $9.99.
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