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Inner Child Healing Hypnosis

Inner Child Healing

 Inner Child Healing Hypnosis
Allow your Balanced Adult to Shine

Certified Heal the Inner Child Hypnotherapist

Do you ever find yourself displaying child like, destructive, emotional and poor behaviours?

Surprisingly, if we are honest, most of us do at certain times of our lives. 

The inner child concept is not 'woo woo'.  It stems from the work of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, both deep thinkers and legendary in the world of popular psychology and self care.

Our inner child is largely thought to be unconscious, therefore, it makes sense that Hypnotherapy would be considered the logical and most effective treatment for healing what is known as 'child or soul wounds' as this type of wound occurs during our childhood experiences. 

Child or Soul wounds can be carried throughout the span of our lifetime.  Often, when we display behaviours that have no rational explanation or seem completely misaligned with the adult most people know you to be, you're acting from the unconscious - the wouned child. 

Many times we have matured biologically but may not have developed psychologically at the same rate.  

When as an adult we are triggered back to our wounded child state we may exhibit behaviours such as being fearful, violent, passive aggressive, needy, angry, erratic, dangerous, or seeking constant validation. 

When we deny our inner child we start to become controlled by the child part of self.  Now, imagine trying to explain all of this to the child, who is simply trying to exist within.  

The behaviours listed above occur unconsciously, in that, we don't set out to act up or act in a way that may cause hurt or harm to others.  

Constant denial of the inner child can lead to:

Self Destructive Behaviours
Poor Relationships
Poor Decision Making Skills
Unhealthy or maladaptive behaviours

Our Heal the Inner Child Program is completed over a 3-4 week period with each session covering a very specific element of the process. 

The process is listed herewith.

Session 1
Meet Your Inner Child

We work together to help you identify, meet and understand your Inner Child
90 Minutes

Session 2
Nurture Your Needs
Reset Boundaries

We open space for you to nurture a hidden part of self and set healthy boundaries for the child and adult to flourish. 
60 Minutes.

Session 3
Reparenting Yourself

Learning how to reparent yourself and heal long held and often unknown wounds. 
60 Minutes. 

Session 4
Create Adult Abundance

Solidifying and ensuring a healthy and happy child and adult co exist and accept one another.
60 Minutes.  This Session is Optional.

Inner Child Hypnosis

Ask Yourself Who's running the show?  Your Adult Self or your Inner Child?

The Jungian Archetypes
Who are you?

Through Swiss Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst Carl Jung's extensive work we know that there are 12 archetypes. 

Carl Jung's archetypes are universal symbols or patterns that are present in the collective unconscious of all humans. They are innate and inherited, and they shape our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

As part of our program you will do an assessment to find out your archetypes.

Types of Childhood Wounds

In order to understand our childhood wounds, we first need to clarify what a childhood wound is.   When we think about a physical wound, we know that in most cases, a scab will form and the wound will eventually heal.  However, there may be a scar, or there may be damage to the underlying structures, such as bones, muscles, tissue or skin that is forever more weakened or 'touchy' when prodded or poked.  Thus, the wound is healed but the mark or scar remains.  

When we find ourselves with a childhood wound, we need to look back at two things, our family of origin and our family systems.  This is where emotional wounds (childhood wounds) are borne. Emotional wounds are formed from experiences as a child that hurt us at a deep emotional and psychological level.  Emotional wounds just like physical wounds can be 'touchy' or reopened very easily and when this occurs we find ourselves being triggered and revisiting the source of emotional pain in our adult persona. 

The one huge defining factor between your physical wound and an inner child wound is that the physical wound normally heals, whereas the emotional wound sits festering, always under the surface and ready to be reopened when we are reminded of how it came to be. 

Most wounds tend to fade with time, however, an emotional inner child wound will remain present until you heal it.  It is important to remember that our parents and family of origin often don't set out to wound us, and the truth be told we all, every one of us carry some type of inner child wound.  There's no shame in it, in fact identifying your childhood wound is the first step in healing. 

We work with hundreds of clients every year and for many when we ask about the family of origin and family systems many simply state 'I had a good childhood, nothing to discuss there' - upon deeper discovery, there's always something there, some wound, and it comes as a shock to many clients that their mental health struggle is indeed due to an unprocessed or denied inner child wound. 

The work can be an emotional journey that allows deep insight and understanding of why you are as you are!

The process of Inner Child Healing is handled with empathy, love and care by our practitioners trained in this beautiful healing modality.

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